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Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2021-22

Each year Staplegrove Parish Council prepares an Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR). The right for the public to view the AGAR and associated documents is given in this notice. All the documents relating to the AGAR that have to be published can be found in the Finance or Policy and Audit pages on this website. Please note that the Parish Clerk holds the original documents with signatures.

Staplegrove Annual Parish Meeting 2022

The Staplegrove Annual Parish Meeting was held on 11th May 2022 in the Village Hall, Ian Talbot, chair of Staplegrove Parish Council reported on the activities of the Parish Council in the last year. His report includes an update on the North Taunton Development, the changes in local government that directly affect the future of Staplegrove Parish as a separate entity from the proposed new Taunton Town Council, the proposed electoral boundary changes that could put Staplegrove Parish in a Parliamentary constituency with Minehead and Tiverton rather than Taunton Deane.

He reported on this year’s work in the Grove by the councillors and some volunteers which included tree planting to replace the tress that had to be felled and the creation of bug hotels. The newly purchased speed indicator device has been trialled and will be sited at five points around the Parish. Finally, he gave thanks to his fellow councillors and to those who help in the community. The meeting also heard reports from the Staplegrove Trust, The Parish Paths Liaison Officer, Staplegrove Community Group and Staplegrove Youth Football Club.

Staplegrove Annual Parish Meeting

The annual parish meeting for Staplegrove is this Wednesday 11th May 2022 at Staplegrove Village Hall. the meeting starts at 6pm and is an opportunity to

  • Find out what the Parish Council has done in the last year
  • Hear about other groups and organisations in Staplegrove
  • Meet the newly elected Parish Councillors
  • Find out what the impact of a new Taunton Town Council could have on Staplegrove Parish Council
  • Show support for your Parish Council

The annual parish meeting will be followed by the Staplegrove Parish Council AGM which is also open to any member of the public

Councillor Elections Somerset 2022

In May, elections will be held for the new Somerset Council and that is an opportunity to become a councillor. The current Somerset County Councillor Rod Williams who represents Staplegrove and Rowbarton has written the following piece about the role of a councillor, what it means, what is expected and what the pay is.


All political parties are looking for candidates for the new Somerset Council.  The role is important for Staplegrove, for Somerset and for our democratic system; how important it is may depend on you. 

The rewards of being a Somerset Councillor will be many.  You will get to know your local geography better than now.  You will meet delightful people. 

You will help people with small things that matter a lot to them.  You will represent large numbers of residents with big concerns, even if opinion ranges between the diametrically opposed. 

You will get some things done.  You may well initiate some big improvements for the future and may prevent a few bad mistakes.  And you will be eligible for an allowance of about £700 per month. 

But don’t stand for election with little or no idea of the role.  I believe the role is three-fold.  First, you represent your residents.  Second, you represent the Council.  And third, you represent the public interest; and this part can need the most thought. 

You’ll need to work on things your residents have little interest in and in areas of which you know nothing.  And due to the privileged information you have, you’ll see things that others can’t.

You must be able to live with frustration.  Much of your life is spent persuading.  You will want it all done faster.  Patience, good relationships and nice  judgement are key to getting things done.

For me, being a County Councillor is a full-time job. As well as being in meetings throughout the day, you need to prepare for them and follow them up.  You need to get away from the screen and out and about.  As a County Councillor, it’s busy.  But in the new Council a Councillor’s workload will increase. 

The new Somerset Council will be different from the County and District Councils.  Somerset Council, Local Community Networks and the Taunton Town Council will be new organisations doing new things. 

This new era will give us remarkable opportunity – to improve the lives of residents, to improve the place we live in and to stimulate the prosperity we need to pay for the improvements we want.  We must take this opportunity.  If you want to be part of it, contact me or the party of your choice, fast. 

And one other thing – you need to get elected in May and devote the next five years of your life to it!

Councillor Rod Williams

Somerset County Councillor for Rowbarton and Staplegrove 07881 922028 –

New Hedge in Children’s playground

The Parish Council, in its position as trustees of the Recreation Ground, has planted a hedge alongside the existing metal railings adjoining Kibbys Field, on the southern boundary of the playground. It is a broad mix of plants including Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hazel which will provide blossom in spring and berries in autumn/ winter and would be good for nesting birds and some butterflies. The mix is in accordance with RHS guidance. It’s not easy to see at the moment but hopefully as it becomes established it soon will.