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Green Spaces

Bug Hotels and Tree Planting

Sadly, several trees have had to be felled n the Grove due to disease. However, several of the undiseased logs have been put to good use through the construction of bug hotels. Five have been built by Cllr Moon and we hope that bugs and small animals will make their home in the Grove.

We have been able to replace some of the trees felled in The Grove through Somerset West and Taunton’s free trees scheme. Cllrs Bird, Talbot, Clark and Went with the help of friends recently planted 8 new broadleaf native trees. The Grove is more accessible now due to the creation of paths through the trees and undergrowth and we hope you will enjoy the woods whilst respecting the new hotels and newly planted trees.

Annual Parish Meeting 2021 – Chairman’s report

At the Staplegrove Annual Parish Meeting held on 6th May 2021 by zoom, Michael Clark, chair of Staplegrove Parish Council for the last two years reported on the last two years and his report can be read here. His report includes an update on the North Taunton Development, the footpaths, the playground and the Grove, and a thank you to those who help in the community. The meeting also heard reports from the Staplegrove Trust, The Parish Paths Liaison Officer, Staplegrove Community Group and Staplegrove Youth Football Club.

New Hedge in Children’s playground

The Parish Council, in its position as trustees of the Recreation Ground, has planted a hedge alongside the existing metal railings adjoining Kibbys Field, on the southern boundary of the playground. It is a broad mix of plants including Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hazel which will provide blossom in spring and berries in autumn/ winter and would be good for nesting birds and some butterflies. The mix is in accordance with RHS guidance. It’s not easy to see at the moment but hopefully as it becomes established it soon will.