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Annual Parish Meeting 2021 – Chairman’s report

At the Staplegrove Annual Parish Meeting held on 6th May 2021 by zoom, Michael Clark, chair of Staplegrove Parish Council for the last two years reported on the last two years and his report can be read here. His report includes an update on the North Taunton Development, the footpaths, the playground and the Grove, and a thank you to those who help in the community. The meeting also heard reports from the Staplegrove Trust, The Parish Paths Liaison Officer, Staplegrove Community Group and Staplegrove Youth Football Club.

Temporary Closure of Footpaths T 24/16 and T 33/1

The Parish Council have received a notification that there will be a temporary closure of the footpath that runs from Manor Road (alongside the Children’s playground) to Staplegrove Road (next to the Village Hall).

The Order will become effective on 23 May 2018 and will remain in force for six months although the path is only likely to be closed for 3 days.  During this time the footpath will be closed to ALL TRAFFIC due to the likelihood of danger to the public whilst water works are being carried out.

For further details about the closure please contact Wessex Water on 03456 004600

Click here to see a copy of the Order.

Temporary Closure of Footpaths T 15/19 & Part of T 24/12

Somerset County Council have issued a notice of a temporary footpath closure.

The footpath that is affected is T 15/19 from its junction with the county road west of the village of Nailsbourne in a southerly and south westerly direction for 420 metres to the parish boundary and on to footpath T 24/12 in a westerly direction for 174 metres to its junction with footpath T 15/20 due to an unsafe bridge.

The closure will take effect from 28 November 2017 and will remain in force for 21 days.

For information about the works being carried out please contact Glenn Martin on 01823 355624

Please click here to see further information and a map of the area.