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The North Taunton Development

Staplegrove urban extension – public exhibition

On 25 July a public exhibition was held in the village hall showing preliminary ideas for future development in Staplegrove. Staplegrove has been identified for development in Taunton Deane Borough Council’s (TDBC) adopted Core Strategy, which specifies the locations and quantity of growth to be accommodated in the Borough. The Core Strategy states:

“Policy SS 6 – Staplegrove – Broad Location for Growth

Staplegrove is a broad location for a mixed-use urban extension for comprehensive development after 2015 for between 500 and 1,500 dwellings. A masterplan will be prepared to co-ordinate development to provide the necessary physical, social and green infrastructure. A piecemeal approach to development in this area before a masterplan has been agreed will not be permitted.”

It must be stressed that the exhibition was not a TDBC event but a community consultation event by a private company, acting on behalf of some local landowners. The plans displayed were outline proposals only and no specific details were given.  The Parish Council would be expressing a number of concerns about the plans that were presented.   This was likely to be the first of many such consultation events and the Parish Council would be keeping a close eye on the emerging masterplan.

Any future public events will be advertised, as usual, on the parish noticeboards and on the parish website, so please check these sources periodically.