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The North Taunton Development

Information discussed with TDBC and Somerset CC Highways on 22 November for an access adjacent to Silk Mills roundabout for building the Spine Road, as an alternative to the use of a drop down road to Corkscrew Lane

Please see below the text of an email sent to Cllr John Williams, along with two attachments which give more detail about the proposed access to the North Taunton Development site.

Dear John,

Herewith the list of disadvantages of the current planning permission location of the spine road connection to Staplegrove Road that I promised in my email to you and Nicola dated 29 October.

However, I should stress that we see the purpose of the meeting on 22nd November as being to emphasize the advantages of the temporary connection from Stillman’s Lane for the construction of the Spine Road in place of the suggested drop down road. This is on the assumption that the Government Grant is forthcoming. The temporary link will start from a built up level of Stillman’s Lane and have a slightly steeper gradient up to Rag Hill, both so as to reduce the amount of excavation necessary in its construction to the minimum and it is, obviously, good sense to start building the spine road at both ends of the development.

It should be finished within a year but there is no immediate need for the final connection to the A358 to be made straightaway on its completion as, presumably, SCC will be looking for a sizeable Section 106 contribution for the revised Silk Mills junction. I assume that the £M7.2 has not taken this extra money into account, but maybe it has; but no doubt the promoters will once again say that they will need to sell houses to fund that money. However, the temporary road connection to the A358 would be adequate for the relatively small number of vehicles from those houses.

During this period I would expect the developers to realise that the widening and deepening of the temporary link to extend the spine road to Silk Mills is by far a cheaper, more quickly completed and more satisfactory connection to the A358 than that they currently have permission for. My list of notes are therefore to ensure that you are fully briefed on the advantages of that happening. There would be plenty of time during this extended period for a revised planning permission to be obtained and the decision made.

The Government grant is essential as without it we cannot be sure of a continuous spine road and a full development and, wherever the connection to the A358 is finally placed, with the temporary access from Stillman’s Lane we would have achieved our main objective of a complete spine road and no drop down road, as was originally intended.

Yours sincerely

Michael Clark

Chairman, Staplegrove Parish Council

  • Please click here to see a full list of the disadvantages of the current location of the Spine Road connection to the A358
  • Please click here to see a drawing of the proposed connection.

Taunton Transport Strategy – notes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th September 2018

A meeting was held on Thursday 6th September 2018 to discuss Somerset County Council’s ‘Taunton Transport Strategy’.  In attendance were representatives from Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council, Staplegrove Parish Council and the Residents of Staplegrove Action Group.

Please click here to see a copy of the notes of this meeting.

The notes will be circulated to those present, and have been sent to Somerset County Council officers with the email below:

“Thank you for last week and I have pleasure in sending the notes of the meeting.

I have to say that we do not accept your statement that a ring road round north Taunton would not be a strategic route.

Your diagram indicating the change of movements for Option 3 shows no increase of traffic on the West Monkton Western Relief Road following the addition of the 500m extension of the Spine Road to Cheddon Road which can not possibly be correct. Your ‘Forecast trip distribution for the Nexus25 development site’ diagram indicates that 60% of the traffic from Taunton will be from north of the town and these vehicles, together with the existing traffic, will wish to use the orbital route to avoid the identified congestion hotspots at St Andrews and Obridge Viaduct, to the benefit of all.

We look forward to your reporting back on the highlighted items.”